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Triumph Billet Accessories


Triumph TR2, TR3, TR4, TR6  Shift Knobs.

     Wiper motor polished cover cap.


Billet Weber 40DCOE air horns, two sizes.


Billet Part Inventory

Shift knobs just repolished.


TR2, TR3, TR6  shortened fan extention to allow for 2" clearance in front of radiator.


AC Engine Parts 2 Factory Pulley

2 Billet Parts $275.00

1 Billet Part $250.00


Misc. Billet Parts Machined By Triumphracing.  Big Ten South Bend Lathe,   Big 13 South Bend Lathe.  All Maching is Precision Measured and Tollerances Ranging From 1 to 5 thousands.  I am Set Up To Machine Anything Required In Billet Aluminum Or Any Color Copolymer Delrin Plastic.   Please Call Anytime or Email me.  Thanks